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Yang Senketsu by waitwtf Yang Senketsu :iconwaitwtf:waitwtf 191 9
Attack on Titan Various x Reader-Call Your Name
(Reader will be refereed to as 'they' and the name will be just (name), this is after the Female Titan Arc, male characters=fem reader/female characters=male reader, and I might just put in random languages because I sorta want to make the reader unique.)
~*~Third Person's POV~*~(play this when you read)
She lost her brother a month ago
His picture on the wall
And it reminds me
When she brings me coffee... her smile
I Wish I could be with her until my last day

Rows and rows of dead bodies were scattered throughout the field as even horses were the same, some alive and standing near their deceased owners. In the distance you can see blue smoke which was starting to fade; a grunt being heard as a (short/tall) soldier stand up with the help of their horse, blood dripping out from their tron arm. "Thanks for the help, Ace..." The strained voice that belonged to the one and only (Name) (L/N), the last survivor of their squad "Time to retreat...we should get going t
:iconkuni-chan978:kuni-chan978 44 17
(Yandere Chara) and Frisk x M!Reader
(Also yes, this is a give away~ Just remember, CREDIT me ;) otherwise you might have a bad time)
(If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask)
You watched them….
You watched them all die…
But you did nothing…
You were too scared…
She was too scared….
But…..the monster wasn’t….
And now, standing in front of her for the first time, fills you with DETERMINATION.
You stood strong. A blue jacket wrapped around your shoulders, a red scarf around your neck.You glared at the demon that inhabited your friends body.
“There is nothing left for you in this world.” She spoke with a calm voice, sending chills down your spin.
“I’m not even sure why you're trying anymore.” Somehow her smirk grew even more.
“After all, you’ve never felt the pain of dying have you? Why not give in, and let me have your soul.” You looked at her sadly. You never understood her obsession with you an
:iconpktrainerred:pktrainerRed 97 46
Endless Loop (Homura x Male!Reader)
The Beginning
(Songstamp: [A Happy Scene])
"Okay! Please introduce yourself to the class!"
You sat with your head propped up by your left hand. On the outside, you were a smiley kid, not the type to get into fights. You always had hope for the best, and the new student was something you had really been looking forward too. She was actually rather adorable, like a teddy bear, and even had the ribbons to be so.
"Ah... U-Um.. I-I.. I'm.. Akemi... Homura. I-It's... N-Nice to, m-m-meet you..." You chuckled slightly. The girl could hardly speak! Her long, dark hair was parted into two braids, tied with purple ribbons. She was rather pale, but her beautiful purple eyes made up for the lack of color. She also wore red glasses and a black headband, but they only seemed to make her even more adorable. 
"Akemi-san spent a long time in the hospital because of a heart disease," Satomi-sensei explained. "Let's all get
:iconswordsnipersinon:SwordSniperSinon 63 28
Corruption (Yandere Nyo Hong Kong X Reader)
“Everyone is here, as you requested, Lady Mei.”
From looking out the window of her penthouse, the young triad leader looked behind at her men from the reflection. She wore an expensive long, white qipao with a yellow dragon spiralling upwards in design. It also didn’t have any sleeves and had a cut that gave a generous view of her right leg. Both her arms wore black sleeves that weren’t connected to the main dress.
“Lady Mei?”
She doesn’t respond to them. She continued to stare at the window that provided magnificent view of Hong Kong city in daylight. Her reddish-yellow eyes and blank expression were seen by the people behind her because of the transparent reflection.
“Is there something wrong, Lady-“
She brings and open palm up, making her most trusted right hand go quiet.
“Something of mine has gone missing.”
Before anyone could ask, she continues.
“My pet...he has a habit of drifting around, you see.”
:iconuser627:User627 105 50
Mature content
Farewell Song [Male!Reader/Mikasa Ackermann] :iconitsubaru:itsubaru 63 31



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